at Brownfields 2023 Conference in Detroit, MI

Brownfields 2023 Aims

The conference brings together representatives of government, industry, and the community to discuss experience and learn about brownfield site remediation and redevelopment. A focus is put on the management of contaminated properties. The wide range of formats, ranging from sessions, workshops, to networking events cover themes related to financing, liability, and community engagement. Contribution will be in charge of organizing one session on the topic of blue-green infrastructure on brownfield sites. The innovative example of a brownfield remediation project in the City of Leipzig, Germany, to create a rainwater run-off neutral district will be shared with the participants through the participation of Mr. Müller from the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research. The session will be led by Sabine Martin from the Kansas State University as well as Stephan Bartke from the German Environment Agency.

Another conference session in which representatives will be involved is titled "Dissing Disinvestment: Research & Policy Paths for Sustainable Resilient Revitalization", which looks to summarize two decades of research on brownfields through an international panel discussion.

Further, two poster submissions will be presented:

  1. an introduction to the network and the activites of the Area Wide Planning webinar, as well as
  2. an interactive gathering of feedback from select conference participants regarding open questions for future research activities of the group.

A short summary of the participation at the conference will be published here shortly after the event.

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