Webinar 6/6/2019: Redevelopment Assistance to Brownfields Communities in the US and Germany

Webinar on June 6 at 14:00 GMT (16:00 Berlin | 10:00 am Washington, D.C.).

Brownfields are an issue both in the US and in Germany. During this webinar, speakers will provide an overview of available and free redevelopment assistance to communities dealing with brownfield issues in both countries.

Particularly for the U.S., we will introduce the national Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities (TAB) program and explain what assistance the program can provide to support brownfield redevelopment. We will highlight available brownfield related EPA resources and discuss some state specific resource examples.

For Germany, we focus the presentation on the Federal State of North-Rhine-Westphalia, which is the most populated German state and has been the industrial heart of Germany’s heavy industries (mining, steel, machinery, energy, car, chemistry, etc.). We introduce how the AAV – Association for Land Recycling and Remediation – supports brownfields municipalities.

Join this webinar to learn how municipalities find support and what our experts contribute to more sustainable land-use.

Your distinguished speakers include:

  • Dr. Sabine Martin, president of CTOR Solutions, a small business providing assistance to brownfield communities. Sabine is a Kansas State University TAB (Technical Assistance to Brownfields communities) partner and directed the KSU TAB program for 10 years prior to establishing CTOR Solutions.

  • Johanna Roth, graduate of UC Berkeley in Conservation and Resource studies, joined the Center for Creative Land Recycling - CCLR as communication specialist in 2017. CCLR is the oldest and only national non-profit working exclusively to champion land cleanup and reuse in the US.

  • Dr. Roland Arnz, since 2015 director of AAV – Association for Land Recycling and Remediation, is also chairperson of the technical committee land recycling at the German Association of Remediation Engineering and Land Recycling - ITVA.


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